Robert Kirubi exposes strained relationship with his father; he was annoyingly always right!

As the late Chris Kirubi was laid to rest yesterday, his funeral service at Faith Evangelistic Ministries in Karen this past week was by all standards, not only well organised, but dignified as well. Protocol was followed, the speeches were orderly, the arrangement was impeccable, and the prim and proper was immaculate to a fault.


However, the service wasn’t entirely without some uneasy and unexpected moments. One such one was when the late business mogul’s son, Robert Kirubi took to the dais to speak about his departed father.
Robert, who works at DHL, revealed that he left home early in life, going abroad to pursue scholarly interests. He said that whenever he came back home to visit, most talks that he had with his father would degenerate into long noisy arguments. Seeking to perhaps be positive about the entire situation, he said that this was maybe his father’s strange way of expressing his love. In a statement that further confounded the congregation, leaving everyone at a loss as to whether Robert meant it in a good way or not, he said that after their long arguments, his father only saw him off with wads of notes in foreign currency.


He narrated how once, they fell into a protracted argument simply because Robert had asked him about his plan when he stopped working. Robert said that his father began to redefine work, asserting that work is not what he did, but what he, Robert, did at DHL.
It is worth remembering that before his death, Chris Kirubi himself had spoken about Robert and their relationship.

Kirubi shared that although he had tried to get his son to work for him, he had been unsuccessful, since his son stubbornly decided to continue working for DHL, which had employed him.

“My son is in Brussels, he works for DHL. He is doing so well out there that each time I have offered him a job here, he always says that the earnings are a joke.
I think they pay him so much money he refused to work for me but its good he has also accumulated a lot of experience,” said CK.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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