Rigathi takes on Mt. Kenya spokesman role after daring declaration

Barely twenty-four hours after the president blasted his Deputy for attempting to make inroads to the Mt Kenya region using the backdoor, and should instead use the front door, Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua made an incredible announcement that is bound to not only raise eyebrows but also throw the whole Uhuru Kenyatta succession politics in Mt. Kenya into further uncertainty.
Rigathi was speaking in Transmara, Narok County, where he had accompanied the Deputy President for a rally.
In a clear response to the president’s statement the previous day, Rigathi, appearing to have bestowed upon himself the symbol of the front door that Uhuru alluded to, not only declared that Ruto was free to walk anywhere he wanted to in Central, but also made a pronouncement that showed he had the mandate of the majority in Mount Kenya, while Uhuru had a minority. He said that through his invitation, Ruto stood to be embraced by 90% of the Mt. Kenya populace while the rest like Raila, Mudavadi and Kalonzo who rode on the backs of the president, Murathe and Kamanda would share the remaining 10%.
This will no doubt be a statement that isn’t likely to be taken lightly by the president and his team. With a chance that it may be considered a coup, it is also bound to be perceived as Rigathi spoiling for a fight with the president for the mantle of the Mt. Kenya leadership.
Later on in the rally, the deputy president addressed the crowd, and responded to the president too. However, he adopted a more conciliatory tone, urging his followers to go easy on the president. He said that when the president promised to support him, it wasn’t a promise that he had pushed the president to make, and so no one was to put the president under any sort of pressure to live up to his word.
Nevertheless, he had a few harsh words, saying that he now, contrary to his earlier plea, no longer wished to included in the BBI process which he termed a tribal grouping.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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