REVEALED: Why Renowned Lawyer Wants Alfred Mutua Arrested And Jailed

New details have emerged on why the renowned Canadian based Lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna now calls for the arrest of Machakos County GovernorAlfred Mutua after parting ways with wife Lilian Nganga.

The separation of the Machakos County boss and Lillian Nganga is still, sparking mixed reactions from all corners with a section of Kenyans advising the duo.

Taking to their social media pages the lawmaker and Lillian on Sunday 15 August announced their breakup, adding that they would remain good friends.

The Canadian based Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna, however, wants Governor Mutua arrested and jailed for life alleging that Dr. Mutua and his wife financed their A & L Hotel by looting public funds.

Miguna Moguna claimed that the Lawmaker stole resources from Machakos County and used the money to construct his hotel and therefore should face graft charges.

According to the self-proclaimed lawyer, all political leaders who build hotels while in office should be thrown behind bars.

“Alfred & Lilian Hotel – as in Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ng’a (Rtd.) Hotel – built after 8 years of unprecedented looting in Machakos. All Kenyan politicians with hotels built when they are occupying public office should be jailed for life,” Miguna said.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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