Respected award-winning journalist Alan Namu shocks followers by defending cannabis

Decorated and respected journalist John Alan Namu sent many of his fans who consider him a role model in shock after appearing to defend the use of a drug, cannabis. In a statement that would be expected from Babu Owino or eccentric intellectuals like David Ndii, the veteran journalist, who in his heyday covered Investigative Stories about the drug underworld, argued that if miraa is getting a free pass, then there should be a reconsideration of the criminalising of cannabis.

In the shocking tweet, the former KTN journalist began by posting another tweet by the Ministry of Interior which quoted Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’I as having said that we should stop bastardizing miraa farmers and traders as if they are running a criminal enterprise.

Drawing from this, the journalist who runs his own initiative titled Africa Uncensored then went on to speak about cannabis in what was evidently, positive light. He said despite the fact studies have disputed the apparent harm of cannabis, the government continues to single it out for discrimination. He wrote,

John-Allan Namu
Strange how, in spite of research conducted in countries around the world disputing its harm, a 2020 UN re-scheduling of the drug and the same sentiments on research and trade being made elsewhere (including phased decriminalisation), we draw the line at cannabis.

A user going by the name Tony Nzaka who was evidently perplexed by Alan’s stand tried to appeal to him by outlining the effects of addiction, and how they should be treated differently from the medicinal benefits of marijuana. He wrote,

Tony Nzaka
Replying to @johnallannamu
I think the issue here is differentiating between the common use of marijuana, which leads to addictions and related evils, and the medical use of extracts from the plant. Even alcohol is not bad in itself but the effects of addictions are bad.

However, a determined John Alan Namu who wasn’t ready to go down without a fight quickly replied, arguing that the two aren’t really connected, and Matiang’I should go all the way if he wants to legalise some drugs. He wrote,

John-Allan Namu
There are studies about harm debunking this, but that’s another debate. Medical uses are long proven, and there is precedent in legalizing for medical use only. What @FredMatiangi has argued is “we have opened space for the devil” by considering the legalization of marijuana

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