Reports Suggest That CS Kagwe Is Likely To Kill Ruto’s Tide In Mt Kenya If He Gives The Presidency A Shot

It is now clear that the Mt Kenya region will not be keeping it’s initial promise to support Deputy President William Ruto as payment for his twin successful supports for President Uhuru Kenyatta, the DP has been told.

Uhuru had during the campaign season mad it clear that he will see to it that the DP leads for two terms after him, promising to rally the region behind him, the same promise now being held on by tge DP’s Mt Kenya allies.

But a Standard Special Correspondent says that this will most likely not happen and the DP will not get the unanimous backing from Mt Kenya as he had expected as the promise seems to have been long reneged on.

Ruto is told that the fact that Mt Kenya is now opening up to working with other aspirants like ODM leader Raila Odinga and also has some of its own who are in the presidential race is proof enough that things aren’t good.

“All that is, however, now so much water under the bridge. A region expected to return a good turn to Ruto has, in the wake of the UhuRuto mutual political hostility, now opened itself up to wider possibilities, including fielding a formidable presidential candidate,” the paper states.

It adds that the fact that the region is home to some big political names in the country is also bad news for Ruto, as some might end up throwing their hearts in the ring ultimately, further complicating the equation for him.

It suggests that the likes of Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe have all it takes to rally the region behind him if he decides to go for it, denying Ruto the region analyst say he badly needs if he is to win next year.

“The Mountain could easily assemble around a politician like Kagwe and deny Ruto the votes he badly needs from a region he has heavily banked in, almost at the expense of the rest of the country,” the DP is cautioned.

But the DP has expressed confidence that he will sweep across Mt Kenya, saying that he is the one with the solutions to her problems through his ‘bottom-up’ ideas.

He has also sarrounded himself with a battalion of allies from the region, whom he is banking on to hand him the vote.

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