Reports of an angry Ruto after about a fifth of the expected 159 MPs failed to show up in Karen.

The aftershocks of the debacle that was DP Ruto’s Karen meeting which he convened on Monday continue to play out, 48 hours later. Reports from Karen state that the Deputy President is livid with his handlers and mobilisers after only less than 140 members of parliament turned up for the meeting.

One of the curious and notable takeaways from the Karen meeting was that, at its conclusion, only the guests gathered to address the press while their host gave the entire session a wide berth. It is now emerging that the number two was in a foul mood, and not at all in a condition to entertain questions or discussions from the fourth estate.

For a while now, there have been reports of a plan hatched to impeach Ruto, and so the optics of the Karen meeting were of utmost importance. It was a matter of top priority that the DP’s team projects an image of strength and invincibility to any potential adversary.

Details of the purported impeachment plan aren’t yet clear, with some of the co-players speaking openly while some keeping their cards close to their chests.

ANC legislator Ayub Sabula has come out to declare unequivocally that not only is he in the process of drawing up an impeachment motion against the DP but that he in fact already has 126 members of the house who have appended their signatures. The Jubilee party, on the other hand, has, through its Secretary General, Raphael Tuju, distanced itself from the exercise, saying it isn’t on their scope. ODM have kept mum on the issue, preferring to concentrate on the BBI report.

This isn’t the first time that the DP’s group is falling short of their expected numbers.

Last year, just like now, talk was rife about an impending impeachment, and they held a meeting at a city hotel with intentions to wave their numbers in a display of might. However, the numbers ended up being quite less than was expected.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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