Religious Leaders reveals how they have managed to contain President Uhuru and DP Ruto

Religious leaders have called upon President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to solve their political differences amicably for the sake of  the country.

While appearing on JK Live on Citizen TV on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, religious leaders; Reverent Timothy Njoya, Bishop David Oginde and Sheikh Ibrahim Lethome stated that the President and his deputy should amicably settle their political differences amicably.

Bishop Oginde said that the religious leaders have been vocal and critical in efforts to reconcile the two leaders as much as they have not been doing so in public.

“When a mother and a father fight in a family, we do not go shouting about it, but we try to sort out the issues internally. As religious leaders, we have been doing something behind the scenes

“We are not going to solve our problems in public. The things you are seeing in the political scene could be worse, but we have been doing something about it and that is why they have not gotten out of hand,” Bishop Oginde noted.

Rev. Timothy Njoya said its is high time the country devises ways to resolve political differences, asking President Kenyatta and his deputy to tone down.

“We have an evil sub-culture in how we resolve political differences – by using violence. We need to devise other ways of resolving election loss other than violence,” argued the Rev, castigating the political class for using the youth to settle political scores.

“This evil culture has seen the politicians use children of the poor mobilised to attack children of other poor people. You will never see the kids of these violent mobilisers get involved. They always set up the poor against the poor and impoverish them even more,” Rev. Timothy Njoya said.

Sheikh Lithome on his part said that the current leadership and political crisis in the country is unacceptable adding that religious leaders should not allow politicians to do as they wish.

“The rain started beating us when we allowed politicians to get away with their bad deeds,” he stated, adding that religious leaders should not allow politicians to do as they wish.

“As religious leaders, we have the power to decide what the politicians do in our institutions. If a politician comes to my Mosque, I will tell them where to sit. They will not dictate to me. I can only allow them to get away with what they do if this country belongs to them,” Sheikh Lithome said.

The religious leaders argued that the two top political leaders should learn handle their differences and seek a lasting solution to the problems facing the country.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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