Reformed bank Robber John Kiriamiti describes yesterday’s Equity bank robbery as pure drama

Reformed bank robber and reckoned author John Kiriamiti has described yesterday’s Equity bank robbery in Kisumu as pure drama.

Speaking to a kenya local media, Kiriamiti who robbed kenyan banks for more than 40 years and successfuly walked with millions of shillings, termed yesterday’s robbery as drama saying that Kenyans should not be in a hurry to conclude the robbery for he revealed that there is now way robbery could have taken place without proper planning.

He termed the whole encounter as an inside job.

He said that kenyans should take time to understand how the event unfolded and the sequence of each rather than jumping into conclusion.

On Tuesday, EQTY Ang’awa Branch in Kisumu was the target of a second bank robbery in six years, that ended in a dramatic search of suspects.

Police officers engaged the suspected robbers for hours in a shootout following the robbery attempt yesterday.

A bank manager, several staff and some customers were Tuesday evening still being held in police custody for questioning over the attempted heist.

The dramatic encounter began at around 11am when four suspected robbers are said to have raided the bank premises along Ang’awa Avenue.

From the police reports, one of the suspects who had been cornered inside the bank hurled tear gas inside, which sent people in confusion and running for their dear lives.

Bank workers claim the four men entered the bank demanding cash from one of the cashiers. The lady cashier raised the alarm, prompting the guard at the entrance to lock the bank.

By the time of going to press, the bank manager, a section of the bank staff were still in police custody being interrogated by detectives.

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    Written by Paul nyongesa

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