Gloves are off in Trans Nzoia gubernatorial race.

Rift Valley regional commissioner George Natembeya and Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa faced off in a funeral of Mama Ario Rogo Manduli in Trans Nzoia .

The two met for the first time and shared a podium declaring interest to unseat governor Patrick Khaemba.

The two tore each other in what is termed as a battle of royale turning the funeral into a jeering and cheering arena.

Mr Natembeya who read the speech of president Uhuru Kenyatta dared Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa to resign as a legislator ahead of a face off in 2022 polls.

” I have heard you play double standards game on my resignation. I dare you to walk the talk and be the first to table your resignation. “, said the charged RC.

Mr Natembeya told Wamalwa that he is ready to resign too and take the legislator head on .

” You have been campaigning against nobody for three years now. Why are you crying loud and jumping up and down when you meet an opponent..? “, quipped Natembeya.

Natembeya accused Wamalwa of being Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula’s project.
He said the party had chosen him as a flag candidate without nominations.

“You already have a Ford Kenya ticket yet there’s no nomination conducted in your party “,added Natembeya.
Chris Wamalwa was first to throw salvos.

He accused Mr Natembeya of being fronted as a project by Cabinet secretary for defence Eugene Wamalwa.

The legislator dared the regional commissioner to deal with him on the ballot and teach him a lesson.

He said he will teach him a lifetime political lesson in the forthcoming polls.

“Resign as an RC, and come for a face off. I will send you home “, said Wamalwa.

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    Written by Isaac Wanjekeche

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