Raila’s savage clap-back after Nanok proposes multi-choice referendum for illiterate Turkana voters.

From the moment the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga set foot in Turkana over the weekend, talk was rife about how Governor Nanok has displayed blatant disrespect to his party leader by not welcoming him, or even gracing any of his events.

Yesterday, however, Nanok decided to attend the same church service with him at St. Augustine church in Lodwar, but he had something else in mind. The former close confidant of Raila wasn’t there to exchange pleasantries, but rather, to give his party leader a piece of his mind.

He began his speech with the usual niceties, thanking God for enabling them to see the day, then proceeded to welcome Raila and his entire ODM brigade to Turkana, telling them to feel free. He touched a little bit on the state of the county, and also the country at large. After that he spoke for a while about the challenges that the country was facing, then went straight to the main point. He said that BBI was a good document, but good only for a section of the country. He said that a total of 8 counties would loose big if the proposed constitutional changes were adopted, and a loss anywhere in the country was a loss for the entire country. Repeating Ruto’s call for a multi-choice referendum, he decried the inequality that risked to be unleashed on the country in case the document passed.

Before even Raila could respond, his fiery lieutenant, Junet Mohammed, was at hand to take on the Turkana governor, and his response was quite surprising. He didn’t claim that BBI was good for the entire country, but instead confessed that indeed the document was harmful to 8 counties, but that Turkana wasn’t among the 8.

When Raila stood up to speak, he said that it was a matter of great surprise to him that a governor of Turkana would advocate for a multi-choice referendum yet Turkana has one of the highest levels of illiteracy.

“How do you give a person who hasn’t gone to school a multi-choice referendum? It will take 1 or 2 months for each person to vote. How many months then will the referendum go on for?”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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