Raila’s protracted silence sparks disorder in ODM: some preach restraint,others fire warning shots.

The continued silence, and lack of a clear direction from the party leader on the way forward following the jitters in ODM over the handshake, are slowly giving way to a free-for-all eruption, with Nairobi branch chairman, Aladwa, who it seemed had been tasked with offering alternative temporary leadership over the weekend, appearing unable to contain the excited members.

 While there appears to be a wing of the party that is apprehensive about Siaya senator James Orengo’s sentiments over the weekend, and is trying to push for patience and tolerance among party members while the two handshake partners try to figure out a way forward, there’s another wing that is quite fired up by what Orengo said in Siaya over the weekend, and are already firing the warning shots, spoiling for war.

This divide couldn’t have been more evident as it was over the weekend during the Party’s tour of Kibra. 

While attending a church service in Sarang’ombe ward, member of parliament for Alego Usonga, Samuel Atandi, said that while Orengo was entitled to his opinion and was free to express it, that was his personal opinion and should be treated as such. He reiterated his faith in the handshake, and urged restraint as a way forward is sought. Mathare MP, Anthony Oluoch, echoed his remarks, saying that the handshake, and its subsequent product, the BBI, were very important and needed to be safeguarded well. 

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris was more pronounced in her support of the initiative, , declaring that only the president and the former Prime Minister were qualified to speak about the handshake, and any other voice purporting to offer advice on the same was, what she termed as, “bloggers”.

In the rally at Kamukunji however, things took a different turn. Babu Owino gave a combative speech that seemed to imply impatience with anyone out to sabotage the handshake. Aladwa’s speech wasn’t so different from that of Babu Owino.

Interestingly, Aladwa had taken a more restrained approach earlier during the church service.

On the fringes of the Kamukunji rally was more drama after Sarang’ombe MCA, Lawi, read the riot act to the ODM leaders in attendance, asking them to align their speeches to the issue of the day, and go easy on the politicking.  

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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