Raila’s candid advice to President Kenyatta to save his legacy

Days after Siaya Senator James Orengo broke his silence advising President Uhuru Kenyatta to act swiftly in a move to save his legacy, ODM leader Raila Odinga has talked of the reorganization of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

Orengo was referring to the constant push and pull in different directions by the members of the Jubilee administration derailing their agenda.

Speaking earlier today while on an interview with a local media house, Odinga defended President Kenyatta on the woes of the Jubilee government laying the blames squarely on his Deputy William Ruto.

The former premier advised President Uhuru to crack the whip in weeding out the dissidents standing on his way.

He pointed out that the Jubilee government was in problems because of divisions, stating that while the President was out doing everything in his capacity to make things work, his Deputy was out fighting the government.

“The Jubilee government has problems because of the divisions. Even when EACC, DCI, and DPP arrest suspects, MPs allied to Jubilee make a lot of noise. This cannot be blamed on the opposition. The corruption is a problem of Jubilee and not the opposition,” he said.

 “The President is doing a lot to ensure things work out but he is being opposed. The house is divided, with groups pulling in different directions.

 If I were President Uhuru Kenyatta, I would say ‘enough is enough’ … He should make changes in his government, otherwise I am afraid nothing much will come from this administration in the next one-and-a-half years. This is dangerous for our economy.”

The former premier also maintained that they are still in opposition with key roles of keeping the government on its toes.

“We are still in the opposition and MPs elected under ODM keep the government in check. I also advise the President when I see something going wrong,” Mr. Odinga said.

He also went ahead to clear the air on his debt by the people of Mt. Kenya.

“I do not owe the Mt Kenya people; maybe they owe me. But I am not demanding any payment,” he said.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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