Raila reveals hidden details of secret plot to derail BBI

With Deputy President William Ruto standing his ground in opposing the BBI report and demanding for consensus, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has unearthed a secret plot derail the report by the by the camp.

In a hard-hitting revelation, Odinga stated that those opposed to the report are working behind the scenes to scuttle the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report using county assemblies.

Odinga stated as part of the plot, opponents of the constitutional amendments are now poisoning the minds of Ward Reps to reject the document when it is eventually presented to county assemblies early next year.

Raila made the revelations in Kisumu just a few days after the BBI secretariat collected more than 5.2 million signatures in record time and presented the same to IEBC for verification.

“We are aware of the plot to convince MCAs to reject the document, but what I can tell them is that it is an exercise in futility because the majority of the MCAs also appended their signatures to the same document,” said Odinga.

The BBI process will entail the Constitution Amendment Bill 2020 being tabled in all 47 county assemblies.

The law stipulates that at least 24 county assemblies are required to approve it before it is presented to the National Assembly, paving the way for a referendum.

Ruto has been lukewarm about the BBI report and is yet to declare his stand amid mounting pressure.

In the clearest indication that his stand may not change unless his demands for consensus are met, Ruto divulged that he is willing to stay away from a process that he maintains will leave Kenyans more divided instead of uniting them.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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