Raila Odinga’s Statement After Meeting Party Delegates From Nyanza Region

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga earlier today issued a statement after a meeting with the Nyanza region’s delegates in Oyugis town Homa-Bay County.

Speaking during the meeting, the former prime minister expressed his desire to have a united country, noting that Kenya must be cleansed of the spirit of anger, revenge and entitlement.

The AU special envoy further called on Nyanza leaders to forge a united front as they seek to create opportunities for Kenyans in return ahead of the 2022 polls.

Odinga went on to note that for all to be realized, good political backing with proper unity needed to be looked into first.

“We are here to appeal that we join hands as a region, get our political act together, pull in one direction and use the unity to create opportunities for our people and the nation in return. If we are able to pull together as a region, identify our priorities together, back it up with political goodwill and unity, nothing will stop us from addressing the development needs of our people,” said the former PM.

Raila further urged the Country to focus on innovation in order to help tackle the current challenges, as are outlined his blueprint for growing the Nyanza region economically.

“We come here today with a message of Unity, Reconciliation, Tolerance and Hope. We said this in Nakuru on Tuesday and we will say it again here. We must cleanse our country of the spirit of anger and bitterness, the spirit of revenge and entitlement. Our desire to unite our people and the country, the AZIMIO LA MUUNGANO is a noble and worthy cause. It deserves our support.

We need innovative ways to address the tribulations of rural women and the girl child, including access to credit, health care and education are among the many challenges they face. Sugar cane farming, which has long been the lifeline of this region has to be addressed comprehensively and changed radically. As it is today, sugarcane farming impoverishes instead of empowering the farmers.

Our capacity for Blue Economy remains grossly underutilized. Lake Victoria has much more to offer than just fish. We have not fully explored the lake’s capacity for tourism and maritime transport and aquaculture, among others,” read part of his statement.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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