Raila Odinga speaks for the first time after the High Court ruled BBI null and void

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party leader Raila Odinga has expressed his disappointment with the court ruling that declared the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) unconstitutional.

In his statement issued on Saturday, May 15, 2021, Raila said that they would appeal the High Court decision to declare the 2020 BBI Constitution Amendment Bill, null and void.

“…I want to address myself to Thursday’s ruling of the High Court on the Building Bridges Initiative and the Constitution Amendment Bill, 2020. Supporters of the Constitution Amendment Bill, including myself, have been disappointed by the High Court ruling. However, I urge restraint in the public commentary about the ruling,”

“We will calmly and respectfully move to the Court of Appeal to present our case as to why we think the High Court did not render the right verdict.” the statement reads.

The ODM Party leader, however, urged the public to be cautious while commenting on the ruling that outlawed the BBI.

“I want to urge that we restrain from personalized attacks on the court and its members. We may disagree with the court but we must respect its ruling and its freedom to exercise its judgment as it understands the legal and constitutional matters before it,” Raila stated.

This comes after a five-judge High Court bench of Justices Joel Ngugi, George Odunga, Jairus Ngaah, Teresia Matheka and Chacha Mwita said an amendment can either be initiated by a Parliamentary or popular initiative but not the President.

The judges cited the president for failing to actualise the constitutional requirement on public participation accusing him of coming short of violating a law he vowed to defend when he took his oath of office as the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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