Raila eats humble pie, turns back to Orengo and Otiende for legal help in BBI appeal

At the height of the recent wrangles within ODM, the blow-up climaxed with Dennis Onyango, ODM’s Communications Director, dramatically accusing Orengo and Otiende of speaking too much English in a thinly veiled reference, and Otiende shooting back in a defiant rejoinder, saying, those accusing him of too much English were the same ones relying on his English to win cases for ODM at the courts.


As things are now turning out, Otiende Amollo is being vindicated word for word, following Raila’s recent surprise move in BBI’s appeal at the courts.
A battery of eight lawyers have been appointed to lead an onslaught against the legal impediments obstructing BBI.


The eight lawyers range from celebrated constitutional legal titans to avid trial experts, tipping the Court of Appeal for a major showdown against anti-building Bridges Initiative forces.

It has been established that while the BBI team and the IEBC lawyers are pursuing different appeals, a big meeting bringing together all the lawyers was held sometime last week.

The BBI and IEBC legal team attacks would be a multi-pronged duel at the Court of Appeal to not only salvage BBI but also to rescue the electoral commission.

Uhuru and Raila are said to have brought together leading legal minds in constitutional law including Siaya Senator James Orengo and Rarieda MP Otiende Amolo as part of the BBI counsel.


This widely unexpected move caught many unawares, considering the tug and pull that had been witnessed concerning the two, and which ended up in a peak that saw the Rarieda member of parliament Otiende Amollo ousted from his post as vice-chair of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee.


Notable names in the team are revered litigation experts including those involved in the successful 2017 presidential petition against the reelection of Uhuru.
Senior Counsel George Oraro who was among Raila’s lawyers in the presidential petition as well as Waweru Gatonye who represented IEBC in battle to overturn Uhuru’s reelection four years ago, are in the list.


Also featuring in the list is Raila’s legal adviser and the BBI secretariat, lawyer Paul Mwangi, and Eric Gumbo who is in the IEBC team.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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