Raila challenges the executive to provide evidence that led to rejection of the six nominated judges

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)Party leader Raila Odinga has asked the Executive arm of government to reveal the alleged integrity issues that led to the rejection of the six judges who were nominated by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

In his statement to the media on Saturday, June, 12, 2021, the former Prime Minister urged the President, the Speakers of the National Assembly and Speaker of the Senate and the Chief Justice to seek for a common ground in order to build a united government.

“In the current stand-off between the Judiciary and the Executive, this sense of the intertwined fate of the branches of government seems lost,” Raila said.

The ODM party leader also challenged the Executive branch of government to share publicly the concerns and evidence that led to the rejection of the six judges.

“The country deserves an informed debate rather than a shouting match on this critical matter. The people of Kenya deserve to know why the various branches of their government take the positions they do on an issue critical to nation as appointment of judges,” Raila stated.

The former Prime Minister alleged that the Executive branch of government had interfered with the functions of the other branches adding that Kenya cannot survive a war between its institutions.

“Before we gave ourselves the 2010 Constitution, we had gone through an era where this doctrine had been abused and the Executive branch of government had interfered with the functions of the other branches, making democratic governance impossible,” Raila said.

The ODM leader says that since the birth of the current Kenyan constitution, the three branches of government have been locked in a competitive relationship instead of complementary that has seen the nation swing from one absurd state of affairs to another.

“The fact is that no one branch of government can help Kenyans solve their problems without the help of the other,” the ODM leader said on Saturday. “No one institution can become the sole and undisputed liberator of the people of Kenya.” Raila stated.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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