Raila attacks Gideon Moi’s father during Meru meeting

As former Prime Minister and the Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga held a meeting with Meru professionals yesterday, there played out a clear indication of the tense and precarious balance that is likely to define a possible union between him and Gideon Moi, and which has been much touted by political observers.

While giving a speech in the Eastern Mount Kenya county, Raila Odinga went down memory lane, recalling how, at the height of the agitation for increased political space in the country, he, together with others, were threatened, and in some cases, actually forced into exile. He narrated how, at one point, Paul Muite even disappeared and couldn’t be located. He then went ahead to explain how Charles Rubia was mistreated by the Moi regime so brutally that eventually, he contacted a disease that caused him to lose his proper voice. He also highlighted Kenneth Matiba’s struggles against the government, and how they left him broken and a shell of his former self.

Meru professionals at the meeting were led by the Meru governor Kiraitu Murungi who empasised on the need of mending fences politically, and staying alive to the fact that politics is fluid and both friends and enemies keep changing.

Former head of the now defunct Kenya Anti Corruption Commission, KACC, who then also went ahead to lead its successor, the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, EACC, Justice Aaron Ringera was perhaps the most categorical and unequivocal of the day’s speakers. He came out to not only outline the good that he had seen in Raila, but also outright said that he is ready and willing to vote for him.

Apart from the memories of his days fighting for the second liberation, Raila Odinga also presented the plans that he has for the region. The singled out the area of agriculture as one of the sectors that he’s keen on. Agriculture is dear to Meru residents due to large scale growing of bananas and miraa. He also pledged to construct roads in the area, and finish those already under construction.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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