Pure embarrassment as Nelson Koech is exposed for fake news on air, forced to apologise

Belgut MP and close Ruto ally Nelson Koech has no doubt mastered the art of sophistry. Inside parliament, he is among the few MPs who are serving alongside a close relative in the name of Beatrice Kones, yet outside, he sings the hustler song and lambasts dynastic families that have supposedly monopolised power.

However, yesterday, his luck ran out. This was when he tried to push a false narrative which has been doing rounds in the Rift Valley for a while now.

The narrative states that when you take the three counties of Kericho, Kiambu and Murang’a, and place them side by side, then gauge them using official figures of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission from the 2017 elections, you will discover that Uhuru owes his presidency more to some regions in the Rift Valley than even Central Kenya. According to the narrative, in terms of percentage points, Uhuru was able to garner more in Kericho County, than the other counties which are found in Central Kenya.


This was unfolding on Citizen TV’s morning political show Daybreak, which was hosted by Sam Gituku. Alongside Nelson Koech in the studio was Orange Democratic Movement party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna and former nominated Senator who was recently ousted, Isaac Mwaura.


In explaining how the Deputy President’s political movement was free of any tribal and ethnic galvanising, Koech referred to the voting pattern in the Rift Valley in the 2017 general elections to emphasize his point. He used the aforementioned narrative.

Although Sam Gituku appeared to have swallowed the narrative hook, line and sinker, unbeknownst to Koech, he had his crew fact-checking the figures he had just dropped.

Before the show came to an end, Gituku brought it to Koech’s attention that in fact, according to the official figures, Kericho had voted 92 percent for Uhuru while Kiambu had voted 92.5 percent, and Murang’a had voted 97 percent for the president.

A shamed and crestfallen Koech apologised for providing inaccurate statistics, all to the delight of Sifuna who couldn’t help taunting Koech by patting Gituku on the back.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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