Psycho caller seeking reconciliation with girlfriend makes Gidi change the rules of patanisho after creepy episode.


Following the recent spate of passion murders that have been happening among couples, one of the oldest and most popular radio shows in the country, patanisho, which airs every weekday, announced a historic change in its rules moving forward, following a disturbing encounter with a man who wanted to be reunited with his girlfriend.


The man going by the name Salim sent Gidi a message seeking to be reunited with his estranged girlfriend called Faith.


When Gidi called him, he said how, after about a year together, Faith had left him, accusing him of being overly jealous and always suspecting her of having affairs.


Gidi then called the woman afterwards, and the first statement that came out of her mouth was that she had only picked the call out of respect for Gidi and the Patanisho show, but otherwise, she wouldn’t have answered. She confessed to being an ardent fan.


However, she then went ahead to explain the tribulations she had undergone under the man.


She revealed that though they had been together for a year and four months, they had been married only 4 months in which he had subjected her to physical abuse.

She said he had once even beaten her with an iron bar so badly that she still has the scar.


However, the mental depravity of the man was exposed when Faith said that after the last time he hit her, she left him and even reported it to the police. But then the man went and took her child who she had gotten from a previous relationship, and used this as ransom to make her come back, which she sadly did. She said she had finally broken free and had no intention of ever going back.


She said that she didn’t love him, but he could never accept this.


At this point, Gidi brought the patanisho to an abrupt end, saying the situation seemed too dangerous to even try and fix.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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