Prophet Sossion; how Sossion’s teary prediction just came true barely weeks after he said it.

In what is turning out to be a mysterious, not to mention, stranger than fiction turn of events, former KNUT boss Wilson Sossion appears to have accurately predicted future events. During his emotional tearful resignation a couple of weeks ago, Sossion forecasted the fate that was awaiting teachers immediately upon his departure. However, his prognosis was barely noticed, and instead, what took center stage were the countless memes created to mock him, most memorable being the Biblical allusion, “Sossion wept”.


During his resignation, Sossion asserted that all the woes afflicting KNUT had been designed so as to hurt him, but, in reality, they were hurting the Union’s members. He said that if his resignation was what would alleviate the members’ suffering then he would step aside, but added that any relief would be short lived, and the government didn’t really have the teachers interest at heart.

The teacher’s employer, TSC, in its latest move, has declined the push for a salary raise during a meeting with teachers unions, noting that the Salaries and Remuneration Commission had suspended the review of salaries for all civil servants, teachers included.

SRC in May declared that it would not review basic salary structures, allowances, and benefits for public servants, in the financial year 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 following recommendations from the National Treasury.

This means that teachers in public primary and secondary schools will wait at least a year before they can get any salary raise after unions agreed with their employer on a new worker’s deal.

The agreement will serve between this July to July 2026.
This a compromise to the hard stance the unions had taken in the initial negotiations that they would take nothing short of a pay rise.
“We understand that the commission is ready to call us back so that we can review the document that we have upended today,” Akello Misori the Kuppet secretary-general said.

KNUT, which had previously objected to a CBA without monetary gains as proposed by TSC, termed the negotiations successful.
Sossion’s successor, and new Secretary-General Collins Oyuu called on the members of Knut to be patient noting “the signing of a CBA is not an event but a process,”

Oyuu said that the salary factor will be reviewed as the economy improves.
Knut and the TSC have been mending their broken relationship since the change of guard in the union. It has dropped all court cases.
The commission invited the unions to the July 13 meeting after TSC on June 29 said it would not engage in money-based CBA negotiations.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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