Pro-handshake leaders throw Atwoli under the bus

In what is quickly beginning to look like a case of the vocal COTU leader being isolated by leaders who were previously thought to be his close supporters and ardent followers, some of the biggest supporters of the handshake, and the subsequent BBI, are coming out to disown controversial remarks that were made by Atwoli about a week ago.

Among the various leaders are those from the BBI cross-section of NASA allied parties, and the Kieleweke wing of Jubilee.

Last Thursday, while speaking to the press, Atwoli had issued statements that now appear to have rubbed those in his own camp the wrong way.
If we don’t have BBI before Elections, we will push for the polls to be postponed by one year, Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli said,

“BBI will be there if there will be no BBI then we will make sure we have it before going to the elections,” he said.
“If there’s is no BBI we will postpone elections. It will not be the leaders.. it is us who got problems. No BBI no election and that I can tell you for free.”


However, NARC leader Charity Ngilu has come out to clearly disagree with the COTU Chairman. While on an interview with Ben Kitili on KTN, When asked by her host if she shared Atwoli’s sentiments, she flatly said she didn’t.

The ODM Chairman, John Mbadi, also sought to distance himself from the statement by Atwoli. While on NTV’s weekly show With All Due Respect, hosted by James Smart, Mbadi said that he didn’t hold turf for Atwoli when asked to give his view on the matter.


Emphasising the need for an extension, Atwoli had gone on to further say,

“Workers are the people who proposed revisiting the Constitution in 2017 but we wait on the courts. The ruling that was made had nothing to do with BBI it was just political and was central to the office of the presidency,” he said.

He said that they shall move to Supreme Court and if they don’t make it, they will start the process afresh.
“And we would ask the parliamentarians to extend the elections by one year until we get BBI,” he said.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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