President Uhuru’s message to Nairobi MCAs

President Uhuru Kenyatta has lauded Nairobi Members of County Assembly (MCAs) after they unanimously passed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bill.

While addressing Kayole residents on Friday, February 19, 2021, Uhuru said that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bill which is a product of their handshake with ODM leader Raila Odinga will benefit Kenyans immensely if they adopt it.

The head of state thanked Nairobi MCAs who overwhelmingly passed the BBI bill and asked Nairobi residents to follow the footsteps of their county representatives in supporting bill.

“Our responsibility is to work for Kenyans and do what is right. That is why we want BBI passed and I must thanks Nairobi MCAs for the good work in passing the bill yesterday. In that they spoke what Kenyans needs, which is more money to the grassroots. Without handshake, Kenyans would still be fighting one another. We will walk together to the end,” President Uhuru said.

Uhuru also reminded leaders seeking higher positions to stop fighting over them stating that leadership only comes from God.

“Leadership comes from God. Human being only executes that which God has planned. You could be thinking of bigger plans but God has other plans for you. Let’s not fight over leadership positions for we do not know what tomorrow has for us,” Uhuru stated.

This comes after 114 Nairobi Members of County Assembly (MCAs) Yesterday, February 18, 2021 passed the BBI bill in a unanimous vote.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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