President Uhuru’s candid advice to the youth in his first statement after referendum bill proceeded to Parliament

President Uhuru Kenyatta today broke his silence issuing a fiery statement to the youth following a clean bill of health by more than 30 County Assemblies for the Building Bridges Initiative to move to the next stage.

Speaking earlier today at the Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani in what appears as drumming support to the bill, the head of state advised the youth to dispel the rumors surrounding it.

This comes just hours after the bill received overwhelming backing from a number of County Assemblies surpassing the required 24 to move to the Parliamentary stage.

During his address at the 2020-24 Youth Enterprise Development Fund strategic plan, the head of state took his audients through the seven-year tax holiday while highlighting the benefits of the document to the youth.

“If for instance, one of the grantees of this project decides to start a nail-making business, he or she plans to spend about 1.2 million shillings buying the necessary equipment and setting up.

“Market estimates suggest that the net returns to such a start-up business would be about Sh.150,000 shillings a month or Sh1.8 million per year. In a normal tax scenario, the young entrepreneur would owe KRA about Sh.540,000 shillings of the Sh.1.8 million profit each year. And in 7 years, they would have paid KRA approximately 3.7 million shillings in taxes,” the president illustrated.

He urged the youth to be steadfast in fighting for their rights, and shun handouts from deceitful leaders hellbent on misguiding them.

“Sasa vijana mkiambiwa hii BBI ni ya Uhuru… hii pesa mnataka ikae kwa mifuko yenu ama ichukuliwe na KRA? Wenzetu mjue kujisaidia na kusimamia haki zenu sio kudanganywa na kutupiwa… anyway wacha niache hiyo.

“(Who told you that BBI is going to benefit Uhuru? Do you want your hard-earned money to stay in your pockets or be taken by KRA? Kenyan youth, you need to be keen on empowering yourselves and fighting for your rights! Instead of being fooled and coaxed with some flimsy handouts like… but let me not go there),” Uhuru remarked.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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