Polycarp Igathe reveals Chris Kirubi’s crucial role in takeover of Nairobi County

Former Nairobi County Deputy governor Polycarp Igathe has finally lifted the lid opening up on the late Dr. Chris Kirubi’s crucial role in the take over of the Nairobi City County leadership after the last general election.

Speaking earlier today during Dr. Kirubi’s requem mass held at Faith Evangelistic Ministries church in Kare, Igathe stated that it was Kirubi’s dream to restore order in the City Management.

The equity bank Managing Director further revealed that it was Kirubi the architect who crafted the Sonko-Igathe ticket that ejected former Nairobi County governor Dr. Evans Kidero from power.

Igathe also stated that it was his dream to make Nairobi a conducive place to discuss and do business, but the who plan went to the gutters after Sonko and Igathe fell out.

“It was Kirubi who designed the Sonko Igathe ticket and we were very glad with that design and he gave me the plan to execute and we did not fail. However, that mission did not succeed as it was intended but Kirubi was unique in his thinking,” Igathe explained.

After it became hard for the equity MD to work with his governor, Kirubi then engineered a take over plan by the National governor, “Chris Kirubi was a genius by birth,” the Equity MD noted.

“When it was impossible to do business in Nairobi, it was Chris who came up with the idea of making sure that Nairobi goes back to the National Government politically,” Igathe revealed.

It now appears that President Kenyatta who was also behind the take over had also been influenced by the business mogul.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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