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Political Brand Design Package That Positions Aspirants For success In 2022

Political Brand Design Package That Positions Aspirants For success 2022

Are you an aspirant in the upcoming general elections in Kenya? Are you relentlessly sure you are going to win the seat? In the recent past, we have learned from previous by-elections that political strength has highly been influenced by digital media and a well-executed political brand design package.

Information uploaded on social media platforms mainly: WhatsApp statuses, Facebook stories, Instagram’s captions, and also Pinterest play a critical role in influencing the path that the voter will follow in selecting a leader. 

In this article, we highlight the political brand design package on offer by Brainverse Technologies, a Kenyan-based tech company that is ready to see you win.

1.0 Starter pack at KES 10,000

In this political design package, you have a number of offers:  

  • Logo design 
  • Posters 
  • Social media banners 
  • T-shirts and Cap with the logo printed 

Political Brand Design Package That Positions Aspirants For success 2022

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2.0 Shaker pack at KES 20,000 

This design package entails more added advantages: 

  • Inclusive with all offers in starter pack plus 
  • Brochures 
  • Business cards 
  • Manifesto flyers 
  • Manifesto push cards 

Political Brand Design Package

Click Here => Grab Shaker Package

3.0 Professional pack at KES 35,000 

This is amongst the super design packages which are unique mainly because it will serve you for a continuous period of 6 months. These entails: 

  • Starter pack and Shaker pack 
  • 5 pack rally signs of any shape 
  • Garment badge design (circular/ square)
  • Teardrop banners 
  • Roll-up banners 
  • Landscape banners 

Political Brand Design

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4.0. Veteran pack at KES 50,000 

The veteran pack is inclusive of VVIP services which include: 

  • The starter pack, Shaker pack, and professional pack plus
  • Illustrative explainer video (2min) 
  • Manifesto video recording and editing (5min) 

Political Brand Design Package 2022

Click Here=> Grab Veteran Package


As a new trend, many nations are now embracing the digital environment for campaigns in the world today. United States of America’s former President Barrack Obama, won his first term elections due to the influence of the digital environment.

Political branding, just like any other corporate brand can gain more popularity in the digital environment compared to physical campaigning. Having more followers on Twitter will not guarantee that the solo voter facing the ballot will cast a vote for you.

Nonetheless, social media and the digital space is a powerful platform that you can leverage for your political campaigns.

Keep moving and acquire this strategic political branding design package, for it is our dream to stand with you the entire period of your campaigns until you win. 

Political Brand Design2022

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