Political Analyst Claims Ruto Will Win 2022 If Raila Does Not Unite With OKA

Deputy President William Ruto will have it very easy winning the presidency would things remain as they are currently, political analyst Michael Ndonye says.

He states that currently, Ruto is the man to beat, and not even ODM leader Raila Odinga and his big campaigns can stop him and his UDA party.

The commentator opines that this is visible in how UDA has been received across the country and how it is snatching allies from other top leaders.

For him, Raila will lose to Ruto unless he manages to once again woo his former allies who are now under the OKA alliance, this being the only way he can win.

He states that if Raila and some of the OKA chiefs lost to Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta while united in 2013 it’s funny for them to think that they can now do it while divided, considering that OKA has ruled out supporting Odinga again.

Ndonye opines that failure by Raila to bring Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula on board will scatter the opposition vote, after which Ruto, who has his vote consolidated, will beat him.

“Ruto’s UDA is a leviathan that requires OKA, ODM, Mount Kenya Unity Forum and other parties to unite. UDA has viciously poached politicians from all over, and they are growing into a potent political whirlwind. If Raila, Ruto and Mudavadi end up on the ballot, it won’t be easy for Mudavadi and Raila; they will have divided their votes, and Ruto will laugh all the way to State House,” he says in an article in The Standard.

For him, Raila will even need the Martha Karua-led Mt Kenya Unity Forum in his camp to be sure that he is safe from Ruto, who has his hands in Mt Kenya too.

He counsels that while OKA has now cornered Raila, they too are cornered and the only option they have is to come together or be defeated together.

“The question remains, should Raila and ODM join OKA? If he does, he will join under their terms. However, OKA must know that much as Raila has nowhere to run, they too have no one else to embrace—the critical political realignments for 2022 are kaput!” adds the communication lecturer.

His observation comes amid internal wrangles in OKA, where some chiefs like KANU’s Gideon Moi have been accused of secretly working with Raila.

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