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Police boss Charles Owino eyes Siaya gubernatorial seat

Police boss Charles Owino, has announced that he will vie for the Siaya gubernatorial seat in the 2022 general elections.

Owino declared his political interest while addressing ODM delegates from Usonga.

He noted that he had worked for the government for approximately 50 years and would resign to focus on politics.

“I did not want to declare my political interest here today but because my father has reminded us, who am I not to show you direction. You are aware that next year people will declare interest in various positions and as a person who has worked in government, I will have clocked 50 years which allows me to resign,” the police boss said.

Owino said that he believed his vast experience in the police service would give him a good chance of winning the top seat.

However, he acknowledged that he would have a lot of competitors, including Senator James Orengo.

The police boss said that despite the many competitors, he was ready to vie.

He told his competitors to prepare themselves well so that they avoid disappointment during the elections.

Additionally, he said his potential contenders should vie for other positions if they want to remain politically relevant.

Owino noted that he was not free to mingle with the ODM leaders due to the nature of his work.

“Now that they are in the system, I have sat with and enjoyed the leaders’ company,” he said.

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