Playful Sonko unaware that the Auditor General just absolved him 

It’s business as usual for Sonko who doesn’t even seem aware that a recently released report has gone a long way in clearing his name. In a disturbing and flagrant display of disregard for governance, former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has shown completely no concern at all, despite the fact that the Auditor General has just released a report that goes a long way in absolving him from most of the financial irregularities in the county that had been blamed on him.
Instead, Sonko spent the last couple of days posting on Twitter about a mysterious Kshs 1000 coin, and speculating as to why the fugitive cop Caroline Kangogo may have killed her victims. All this was before he announced that it had been long since he had been arrested, and so he would be headed to the Kiambaa by-elections. 
Prior to his ouster, Sonko had been blamed for all the mess in the city. In addition to this, the never ending chaos in the County Assembly, compounded by skirmishes between the speaker, the majority leader and the MCAs was also blamed on him. 
However, now as a report by the Auditor General has found, despite Sonko, who was considered the stumbling block, having exited the stage, the County continues to suffer from financial improprieties. 
Nairobi County Assembly is on the spot for spending Sh12.3 million on MCAs office rent without evidence of lease documents.
Auditor General has revealed that the rent expenditure was not supported by signed lease agreements between the county assembly and the landlords.
According to the report, Auditor General Nancy Gathungu flagged payments amounting to Sh14.7 million made by the county assembly towards the office leasing scheme. 
A majority of Nairobi MCAs are operating from rented offices. However, the assembly has been working on ways of bringing this arrangement to an end with the assembly set to spend more than Sh1.6 billion in the current financial year to put up as well as improve offices for MCAs.
As part of the new plan to improve the assembly’s infrastructure, Sh1.18 billion will go towards the acquisition of administrative block for nominated members of the county assembly as well as offices for the assembly’s leadership.
Another Sh191 million will be spent on rehabilitation and construction of 30 assembly ward offices, which are said to be in dilapidated situation. This will be done in phases.
The remaining Sh300 million has been earmarked for acquisition of ICT infrastructure, furniture and other equipment.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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