Photos of the simple Day-School that newly appointed Wajir Deputy Governor was teaching

They say God’s time is the best, and none can bare testament to this than Hashim Musa Yussuf, the new Wajir Deputy Governor.

Just months ago, Mohamed Abdi Mohamud was the governor of Wajir, Ali Ahmed Muktar was his deputy, and Hashim Musa Yussuf was teaching at Ahmed Bin Libbhan Day Mixed Secondary School. Through a confluence of politics and power games, governor Mohamud found himself impeached while Muktar became governor. A series of factors have now led Hashim Musa to becoming deputy governor, and a look at the structures in the school he was teaching proves that you know not the blessings that await you.


Yussuf took the oath of office on Wednesday in an event that was graced by Muktar, Wajir Abdullahi Ali, Nominated Senator Farhiya Ali, Wajir West Member of Parliament Ahmed Kolosh and Tarbaj’s Ahmed Bashane, Wajir South’s Mohamud Sheikh Mohamed among others.
Speaking at the inauguration Hashim promised to work towards improving the livelihoods of the residents in the county.

“As I stand before you today, I would like to affirm that I will work closely with the governor and work tirelessly round the clock to make sure that the expectations of the people of Wajir are not only met but are exceeded,” he said.


Muktar touted Yussuf as a hardworking and dedicated individual adding that he brings with him rich work experience from the public sector which will be beneficial to the residents.
“I am very certain you will bring on board the wealth of experience and expertise from the public service and replicate the same in the county government administration,” he said.
Hashim said that county development will be achieved through cooperation from the county assembly, the national government and other stakeholders.

On Tuesday, Mohamud who was accompanied by Wajir East Member of Parliament Rashid Kassim stormed the county offices where he declared himself the substantive governor.

“I am happy today to be accompanied by Kassim and other leaders from Wajir who are here to witness my return to the office by law, not by force. I would like to tell the people of Wajir to forget about what happened and focus on the problems of our people such as the ongoing drought,” he said.

In response to the “takeover”, Muktar said that the move by the governor was illegal adding that he had reported the matter to security agencies.

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