PHOTOS: Panicking legislators rush to publish their COVID-19 test results to avoid stigma after 17MPs tested positive

The National Assembly

Legislators have rushed to publish their COVID-19 test results to dispel any rumors or the status of their health over the deadly virus. The Kenyan Report is in possession of test results of some of the MPs who have tested for the infection.

Kenyans online expressed their satisfaction with news that 17MPs have tested positive for the coronavirus. This comes both speakers, of Senate and National Assembly cancelled the sittings of the two houses fearing more MPs could be infected.

Kibra MP’s test results

“They are suspecting 17 Members of Parliament have been tested and turned positive. The information is not clear but it’s members and staff. So that is the reason why the House was suspended. We cannot reveal their identities because it is against the law to reveal someone’s health status without their permission,” an MP said on condition of anonymity.

Senator James Orengo’s results

Separately, MP Moses Kuria has told Kenyans they are on their own. During an interview with Mulembe FM, the MP asked Kenyans not to inquire where the politicians are with their usual harambee money.

‘Usiulize mwanasiasa wako ako wapi. Corona sio mchezo, ni kila mtu ajikinge, kila mtu ajipange, kila mtu ajali hali yake na amlilie Mungu, ” the MP said.

Kenyans have been asking about whereabouts of a number of politicians who have always positioned themselves as the saviors of the down trodden. Most of these leaders have been making donations worth thousands of shillings in churches and political events

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