PHOTO: DP Ruto’s daughter and Rashid Echesa in Poland shopping military weapons

The two were spotted in a military warehouse in Warsaw

A shocking photo of Rashid Echesa and DP William Ruto’s June Ruto, who is also Kenya’s Charge D’affairs has surfaced online making things even more complicated for the DP. The picture shows former Sports CS Rashid Echesa and June Ruto in what seems like a military warehouse full of surveillance equipment and drones.

June Ruto and Rashid Echesa in Poland

The arms deal scandal continue to touch on prominent individuals in government, both locally and abroad and the latest to be fingered in June Ruto. Kenya’s Charge D’Affaires in Poland, who happens to be the DP’s daughter played a key role in giving Rashid Echesa clearance to visit Warsaw, even labeling him a ‘senior politician’ in the country who would play a key role in the procurement of military wares by the government of Kenya.Poland is a small European country which does not have an ambassadorial position for countries like Kenya. So, in the ambassador’s place, charge d’ affaires takes charge, in essence is a diplomat who heads an embassy in the absence of the ambassador. The term is French for “charged with (in charge of) matters”.

This is not the first time the country’s major scandals is being connected to a country June Ruto is a diplomat. She was Deputy Ambassador in Italy when the 63B Kimwarer & Arror Dams Projects were conceived with the Italian company and now, she is the country’s top diplomat in Poland when the fraudulent 39B arms deal happened.

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