Peter Kenneth; Mount Kenya will mysteriously get a new kingpin by 2022

In a move that is expected to rub many the wrong way, former presidential aspirant and Gatanga member of parliament Peter Kenneth has appeared to caution all the top politicians who are determined to clinch the Mount Kenya voter base under the assumption that the region will have no leader, or candidate, with the exit of the current leader of the region, president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Peter Kenneth said that although presently the region has no clear leader, this will change automatically in the course of time, as an outright leader will emerge, buoyed by political realities on the ground.

Pressed on who the mystery leader he was talking about was likely to be, and if he could drop a hint, Peter Kenneth said it could be anybody, including himself.

He said this on KTN’s political late night show on Wednesday, which was hosted by Ken Mijungu.

Quoting a Kikuyu proverb, he gave an analogy of cattle within a homestead. He said that sometimes when cattle move out, they do so taking different directions, but when they come back, they all do so heading in one direction. Likening it to the present situation in Mount Kenya, he said that currently the leaders from GEMA had been thrust into different directions, but come 2022, they would all be looking in one direction.

When Mijungu tried to enquire about his thoughts on the current widely-spoken-of possible alliance between Raila Odinga and William Ruto, Peter Kenneth was apprehensive, saying that he wouldn’t answer concerning an alliance whose existence was only confined to the fertile imagination of some minds.

In a surprising turn of events, he concluded on a note that sounded critical of the president’s borrowing habits.

While maintaining that borrowing, per se, wasn’t a bad thing, the mode of it mattered. He said that Kenya borrowed, but did so in a tactless way, and this had turned borrowing into a vicious cycle where the country kept borrowing and borrowing. He said that under him, there would be an audit of each loan.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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