Paul Koinange strikes again; Kibra and Kisumu might see increased police stations

Kiambaa Member of Parliament, and the Chairperson of Departmental Committee on Administration and National Security in the National Assembly is quickly gaining a reputation as the drafter of controversial Bills.

Just this year, he drafted a Bill that sought to criminalise the use of the words Hustlers or Dynasties in political rallies, looking to have the words categorised as elements of hate speech by law. 

Now, he is considering presenting a Bill in parliament that will require the government to build more police stations in areas that are prone to insecurity such as North Eastern, and chaos such as Kibra and Kisumu. 

The MP who was on a fact finding mission in the Northern areas of Kenya over the weekend together with his team noted that a likely cause of insecurity in the vast region was the low ratio of police to people. Promising to rectify this, he also gave a guarantee that he would do a comprehensive review of his findings, and look into the issues of housing and insurance for those serving in the force.

Koinange said that he was considering a Parliamentary Bill that would see the construction of extra police stations in areas that have historically experienced insecurity.

Such areas would mean the Northern areas which are rife with terrorism and cattle rustling, and opposition strongholds that have been known to frequently experience post election chaos.

Earlier in the year, the committee had sought to alter the law to criminalise the hustler versus dynasties narrative by having it classified as hate speech. The National Assembly’s national security committee led by Kiambaa MP Paul Koinange had wanted the National Cohesion and Integration Act amended to include class as a basis for incitement and discrimination.

 “The NCIC (National Cohesion and Integration Commission) had requested for strengthening of the Act to make it harsher so as to deter hate speech. As part of that strengthening, incitement along class lines will come up,” Mr Koinange had said.  

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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