Paul Gicheru and Joshua Sang will do a plea bargain against Ruto if he is not killed-Mutahi Ngunyi on ICC Cases

Political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi has predicted how the cases at The Hague-based International Crimes Court (ICC) will play out with lawyer Paul Gicheru turning against Deputy President William Ruto and testifying against him.

Ngunyi noted that the lawyer who surrendered to the ICC and who is accused of interfering with witnesses and bribing them will make a plea bargain.

He added that radio journalist Joshua sang will follow suit in the plea bargain if he shall not have been killed by then.

Ngunyi opined that the turn of events could leave DP Ruto high and dry but added that he could be wrong on both accounts.

“Paul Gicheru? You cannot BUY a Kikuyu. You can only RENT one. This man will do a PLEA BARGAIN and become ICC witness against RUTO. Sang the RADIO MAN will do the same if he is not killed before then. And on both accounts, I could be WRONG. Or Am I?” Ngunyi wrote.

Experts opine that Ruto is not off the hook yet as Gicheru’s case could rope him in.

Former victims’ lawyer Wilfred Nderitu stated that the recalling of DP Ruto’s case was dependent on the approach taken by the prosecution, a position that was also held by lawyer Eunice Lamalla during an interview with NTV.

Nderitu opined that the court decided to prosecute the case on its own or link it to the case against Ruto.

“Any evidence or witnesses presented before the court by the prosecution against the DP will have to be presented afresh,” Nderitu stated.

A warrant of arrest was issued against lawyer Paul Gicheru in 2015 and his eventual surrender opened up a new can of worms.

Pre-Trial Chamber composed of Judge Sophie Alapini-Gansou committed Gicheru to trial based on the evidence and submissions by the prosecutors after establishing that there were substantial grounds to believe that the lawyer committed offences against administration of justice between April 2013 and September 2015.

Gicheru was accused of allegedly contacting witnesses, offering or paying the, financial benefits or intimidated them to withdraw as prosecution witnesses.

According to the court, they allegedly had an ultimate goal of undermining the prosecutions case against Ruto and Sang.

The evidence against Gicheru claims that the accused was answerable to Ruto and his other aides who offered money and threats to critical witnesses. The DP has not responded to the fresh claims.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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