Patanisho turned to Tenganisho in historical and unbelievable episode as Ghost is fired

In a once-in-a-lifetime episode of the popular Radio Jambo show Patanisho, the hosts Gidi and Ghost, in a brave move, decided to contradict their production team, defy their bosses, and instead of trying to reconcile the caller and her estranged husband, ordered her to immediately pack up and leave her matrimonial home after hearing her unbearable plight and what she was going through.

All this comes hot on the heels of Ghost having been relieved of his duties as the Harambee Stars head coach.

Just to put things into context, Patanisho is a segment within the popular Radio Jambo morning show known as Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi, and is run by Gidi and the former National football team head coach, Jacob Ghost Mulee. It basically invites callers to send in problems they may be having concerning broken relationships, from romantic ones, familial, to even professional relationships. The hosts usually take it upon themselves to mediate on behalf of the caller, and seek forgiveness or understanding from the aggrieved party.

In the aforementioned dramatic episode, a young woman from Kisumu called Scovia called in seeking to be reconciled with her husband. She said that her husband had gone to work in a different town but rarely came to visit her and this had been the routine for six years now. She said that she had once contrived to trace him to where he lived in that town, but ever since this happened, he had moved to a new house which she couldn’t locate. The long distance relationship was taking a toll on their intimacy, she explained.

As if this wasn’t enough, her husband was behind a relentless push powered by his relatives, to get her to move from her religion to Catholic.

To crown it all, her husband reportedly had a full list of mistresses that threatened to fill an entire foolscap.

In some cases, jilted female partners call in with all manner of accusations, only for it to emerge later on after Gidi and Ghost call the man, that not all of it was true. For this reason, the show’s duo didn’t want to judge the man harshly before listening to him first.

However, when he was called, he only fell shot of proudly admitting to everything. He arrogantly dismissed the woman’s complaints, and even bragged that he had always had his mistresses way before he married Scovia.

In an unprecedented move, Gidi advised the woman to simply move out of their home, saying he didn’t believe the marriage was worth fighting for.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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