Outrage after NCIC criticise Arati and Osoro, then praise controversial politician

Just recently, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission started what they called a shame list. According to the body’s Chief, Kobia, those deemed to have violated the National Cohesion and Integration Act shall be included in the shame list, and once someone is named in the shame list thrice, then NCIC shall institute steps to ensure that he or she is blocked from ever vying for public office again.

As a start, they named Arati, Osoro and Johana Ng’eno, among others, as the first entrants into the list.

On the other hand, however, they also began what they called a fame list, and which was to serve as the opposite of the shame list. In this list, a person deemed to have exhibited admirable behavior that is viewed as having fostered unity and cohesion is included.

Shock and dismay, however, tore through out Tana River County , when the locals learnt that Fafi MP Abdikarim Osman was the leader that had been inducted into the prestigious fame list of NCIC.

Residents of Tana River dread the North Eastern legislator, and have memories of horror of him following remarks he made in Bura East on 10th November, 2019.

In the function at Bura East, Mr Osman is accused of claiming a section of the Tana River County saying it belonged to the neighbouring Garissa County.

The same sentiments were backed by Mr Korane and his deputy who alleged the Tana River governor was invading his territory and asked him to stop any development activities of the disputed area.

According to the legislator, the planned projects were on the ‘Garissa side’ insinuating that his administration will push for the abolition of what he termed ‘colonial three-mile rule’ which was what extended Tana River’s boundary three-miles inside Garissa, causing it to take territory that rightfully belonged to Garissa.

The statement caused an uproar, leading to a stormy press conference by former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana and businessman, Maur Bwanamaka who called for the immediate arrest of Abdikarim Osman.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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