Orengo’s strange speech about autocracy and leaders with misleading advisors

As Senate Minority leader and Siaya senator James Orengo made his submission in parliament yesterday, he flew off at a tangent in the middle of his speech and began talking about a totally different topic, leaving everyone wondering whether he was alluding at someone or something bigger and more sensitive. 

The well-spoken and articulate senator who isn’t known for being clumsy, had, seconds earlier, been speaking about the reasons behind the change of heart that he had just confessed to.

Prior to this change of heart, Orengo had been among the most vocal legislators who were calling for a relook at the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020, arguing that parliament isn’t a conveyor belt and deserves to have an input to the document. However, yesterday he said that he had undergone a change of perspective after going through the document again. 

He was in the process of explaining this when he suddenly began an exposition on autocracy.

 Orengo said that it’s of the utmost importance to tell leaders, not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. He said that the moment people begin pandering to the whims of a leader and find themselves unable to communicate vital truths to the leader, then the society begins a slow but sure slide towards autocracy.

He said that one of the sure ingredients of autocracy and intolerance within leadership is when a leader is surrounded by advisors who blind the leader from objective and insightful suggestions from others.

All this is coming against the backdrop of a rumoured tense relationship between the Siaya Senator and the party leader. Of late, Orengo has appeared to read from a different script from that of his party leader, promoting some to suggest that perhaps the seeming discordance is just but an in-house ruse devise by party mandarins to throw rivals off.

However, Orengo’s coded speech is sure to further complicate the situation. 

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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