Orengo slams the door on any possible Raila-Ruto alliance; it’s like Trump and Hillary working together

Siaya senator James Orengo is quickly emerging as the real BBI Secretariat on the ODM side behind Junet, and if what he said yesterday is anything to go by, then we can safely assume that the handshake is back on track, and he is preparing the ground for a major announcement from one or both of the handshake partners anytime.

Orengo appeared on ntv at nine, and in full damage control mode after his Earth shattering pronouncement over the weekend in Siaya where he insinuated that the handshake was under threat from people working closely with the president.

Yesterday, the Senate Minority leader was in a tell all mood, even mentioning by name the Principal Secretary who had alluded to earlier for the very first time.

Revealing that it was Karanja Kibicho, Orengo interestingly used the same words that DP Ruto is alleged to have also used to Kibicho when they’re said to have had a dramatic standoff at an airport some time back; stick to your lane.

Responding to a question by Smrity Vidyarthi who had asked whether he could foresee any possible future working relationship between Raila and Ruto, he compared this to Trump forming an alliance with Hillary Clinton.

While acknowledging that indeed in politics one could never say never, and anything is possible, he went on to state that policy-wise such a relationship would be difficult to maintain since they had different thoughts on important issues such as the war on Corruption, and the rule of law.

Also seeming to want to lock Mudavadi and Kalonzo out of any future major role in the rolling out and implementation of the handshake, Orengo cautioned against allowing people who had been in bed with the previous regime which he referred to as the oppressive Moi regime.

Orengo said it is important that the BBI process be entrusted to only those who were behind the second liberation, and that allowing elements from the old order to run the process would endanger it.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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