Orengo hints at extension of Uhuru’s term

In yet another controversial statement, something for which Siaya County Senator James Orengo is quickly becoming known for, the Senate Minority leader has hinted at an extension of Uhuru’s term.

Ever since the handshake, there have been rumours and murmurs concerning the duration of Uhuru’s term, with some saying that one of the intentions of the handshake is to lengthen his stay in power.

Some have even gone further and suggested that the handshake, and his reconciliation with Raila, was so as to set the ground for changes in the Constitution that would enable him to hold a different powerful position such as the premiership.

Although over the years Uhuru has repeatedly denied this, and even famously told international journalist Richard Quest that he has no such plan, Orengo’s statement will undoubtedly put the veracity of his denials into sharp focus.

Orengo was speaking to Ken Mijungu during an interview on KTN yesterday night.

The interview touched on quite a number of things, but towards the tail end, Mijungu asked Orengo whether he genuinely believed that they would be able to achieve all their ambitious plans within the short period of time remaining.

Orengo then flashed back to 2012 when elections were scheduled to take place that year, and how the attorney general at the time, Githu Muigai pushed for the elections to be held the following year, and even went to the Supreme Court for an advisory.

Putting it within the current context, he said that it wouldn’t be entirely unthinkable for such a thing to happen again, but then went ahead to clarify that such a move would be extremely unpopular, not just with the public, but with leaders themselves.

He went ahead and revealed an unknown piece of information that, even during the last extension, most legislators were quite uncomfortable with it.

On the issue of whether ODM leader Raila Odinga will run for the presidency or not, he remained noncommittal on the matter, just saying that in his personal capacity as James Orengo, he would like to see Raila Odinga on the ballot.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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