OPINION; why Uhuru is totally innocent in the whole Pandora Papers scandal

In the run-up to the 2013 general election, rhetoric was heated on both sides between those against Mr. Kenyatta’s candidacy and those in support. As president Uhuru Kenyatta approaches the tail end of his presidency, most of the things his 2013 supporters claimed he would do haven’t been done. The most annoying part is that whenever you complain about these unfulfilled pledges, the person on standby ready to support you is a tanga tanga member who voted for Uhuru twice. Their talk about how they regret voting for Uhuru nine years later is, to say the least, disgusting.

Nevertheless, credit must be given where it’s due. Mr Kenyatta’s supporters accurately predicted two things which have come to pass exactly as they said it would. The first one was ICC. At a time when the rest of the country and even the world criticised them for standing with criminals, Jubilee supporters maintained that the ICC is a political court and that once Uhuru and Ruto clinch power, the cases will vanish like magic. On this one, the rest of the country owes them an apology. It has since emerged they were right. The second issue, as it is now turning out, they were right about, concerns Uhuru’s hidden wealth.

A common line that was constantly used to defend Uhuru back then was that we should vote for a rich person like Uhuru for one simple reason; he is rich and won’t steal from public coffers because he doesn’t need the money, and is only running in order to protect his wealth.

Once again, the surfacing of the Pandora Papers and the revelation that the Kenyattas have billions stored away abroad is the perfect validation of what Uhuru’s supporters kept saying back then.
It is now emerging that Mr. Kenyatta indeed took office with an intention to, among other things, protect his wealth. Storing billions abroad and instituting safeguards to ensure that the money is never frozen or shipped back home is, to me, the perfect example of the president protecting his wealth.

I wonder what the fuss among tanga tanga members is all about yet the president is doing exactly what they predicted he would do.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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