OPINION: Ruto ‘Kills’ Mt Kenya Dream

For the first time after multi-party system, Mt Kenya have become swing votes in the presidential contest rather than key contestants.

The hope of a better political future for Mt Kenya was packed in the BBI constitutional draft and the recent dismissal of the appeal by the Court of Appeal was the final nail in the region’s dream.

Ruto who has received positive rating in Mt Kenya unleashed his stab on the very vote rich bloc by leading an onslaught on the document and celebrating its defeat.

What has Mt Kenya lost in the BBI dream?

i) Seven protected constituencies. Each constituency gets sh 100M in CDF allocation accounting for sh 700M annually and Sh 3.5 billion in a five years.
ii) Apart from the CDF kitty loss, bursary and road and other infrastructural grants have been lost.
iii) Again, Mt Kenya was also to benefit another additional 11 constituencies on top of the seven another Sh 1.1billion lost annually and Sh 5.5 billion lost in five years.
iv) This comes to loss of Sh 9 billion loss in five years.
v) Loss of increment in disbursement in equitable share to counties where the seven counties were to receive between 2.2 to 9.5 in the increase margin.
vi) The current lowest allocation is to Tharaka Nthi at sh 3.9 billion and was to move to sh 6.1 billion and the highest allocation currently stands at sh 9.4 billion and was to climb to sh 18.9 billion.

From a them point of view, the additional constituency put Mt Kenya region to be on the driver seat to occupy the Prime Minister slot.

As things stand now, Ruto is the loser in this battle than Uhuru and Raila. Uhuru will turn this as a campaign agenda and ask tough questions to their people.
i) Who denied you the premier seat?
ii) Who took away your constituencies?
iii) Who took away your Sh 9 billion?
iv) Who has your interest in his heart?

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