Onyancha’s lawyer now makes stunning claims about what presiding judge told her afterwards.

Mary Chepseba, the lawyer who was representing suspected serial killer Phillip Onyancha, has now come out to make stunning claims about Judge Jessie Lessit, who is the judge that presided over Onyancha’s case, and what she alleges that the judge told her after the case.

This comes just days after Onyancha was found innocent of charges of killing Jacqueline Chepngetich Misoi on May 30 2008, at the Mount Kenya building along Kombo Munyiri Road in Nairobi.

Although Judge Lessit is yet to respond to Chepseba’s claims, it’s worth noting that she is the same judge who had released Sankale, the main suspect in the murder of National Lands Commission deputy director of communications, Jennifer Wambua.

Justice Jessie Lessit ruled that the prosecution did not prove beyond reasonable doubt that Onyancha killed Jacqueline.

Mary Chepseba, speaking in the aftermath of the case in which her infamous client was found innocent, said it was important for the law profession that practitioners be ready to defend and protect clients using lawful means, regardless of the intensity or severity of the accusations they’re charged with. She said she was proud of her performance in court, and how she had represented her client, Phillip Onyancha.

However, she then said that after the case was over, the presiding judge, Jessie Lessit, had thanked her for representing Onyancha, and even congratulated her. Chepseba said that she felt humbled by the words of the judge.

While she didn’t specify the context in which the Judge thanked and praised her, but such conduct would be quite unexpected from a judge. It is expected that a judge should not express partiality, or conduct him or herself in a manner that suggests partisanship.


It shall be remembered that Judge Jessie Lessit is among the Judges that president Uhuru Kenyatta finally agreed to appoint recently, although he did so while rejecting six others.

Judge Lessit was appointed to the Court of Appeal.

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