Omosh responds to his critics: “Wanakasirika ya nini? I don’t lie, I am a Christian, and I am faithful to my religion”

Former Tahidi High actor, Joseph Kinuthia popularly known as Omosh has responded to his critics after he sought for help from Kenyans for the second time.

In his statement, the former Tahidi High actor claimed that he had many accumulated debts that he had to settled using the money he received from well wishers.

Speaking on Saturday, June 25,2021 during an interview at Milele FM, Omosh acknowledged receiving money from a section of Kenyans. He however, noted that some Kenyans did not honour their promises.

“There are many holes I was filling, and not all who promised me money fulfilled the promise. For some, it was just PR. I had rent arrears amounting to 1 year and a half. I had so much debt,” Omosh said.

“Even if you give me money, it will be over at some point. But a job can sustain me; my problem is getting a job. I cannot account for how much money I received,” he added.

While justifying his statement, the actor noted that he is left with less than KSh. 100,000, in his account, adding that his responsibilities were big considering he has two wives and children in school.

Omosh asked Kenyans, particularly Comedian Jalango, not to be upset at him after receiving criticisms on Friday, June 25, 2021 over claims that he’s broke again.

“Wanakasirika ya nini? I don’t lie, I am a Christian, and I am faithful to my religion. So he should not be mad at me, no need. I had many loopholes to fill with that money,” Omosh said.

“He shouldn’t be mad; above all, I am thankful,” he added in response to Jalango.

According to the actor, he has been getting job offers to places like Garissa, Kericho, Maralal but has not considered them because his family is in Nairobi.

After failing to pay his house rent, school tuition for his children, and providing for his two wives, Omosh turned to Kenyans for aid in February 2021.

Individuals and corporate companies came out to support Omosh, led by Kiss 100 host Jalang’o.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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