Omosh Caught on Camera Striking Deal to Sell His House for Ksh. 15 Million (Video)

Omosh Caught on Camera Striking Deal to Sell His House for Ksh. 15 Million (Video)
Omosh Caught on Camera Striking Deal to Sell His House for Ksh. 15 Million (Video)

Renown actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh Kizangila is yet again in the eye of the storm after nearly selling his recently-constructed house to a woman posing as a buyer in a clip that has since gone viral.

The viral clip documents Omosh’s negotiations with the female buyer, agreeing on a final price of Ksh 15 Million to sell off the house that was constructed for him after a passionate plea with the public.

According to the prank video posted on Komic Gang’s Youtube channel, the actor, in the company of his aide meets the woman in a hotel for the purchase negotiations.

He is initially hesitant to give up the house for sale, arguing that Kenyans of goodwill built it for him.

However the deal gets too tempting to resist and Omosh soon caves in to the request to sell the house.

“I cannot sell my house. It was a present from Kenyans. I cannot sell,” Omosh is heard resisting the offer at first.

The lady, posing as the interested buyer pushes on and gives Omosh a tempting offer at which the thespian places a Ksh 17 Million price tag at the house that was built for him after Kenyans of goodwill heeded his call.

The buyer persists further and negotiates the price downwards to 15 million that Omosh finally accepted.

The actor even exudes confidence that he will not get into any trouble selling the house.

Oblivious that all the while he was being recorded, Omosh is eager to seal the deal and even shares his praises for the house, confirming ownership for the same.

“Give it to me, I give you. It is me and you. It is a beautiful, wonderful house. Even when you get in it is awesome. The house is mine,” he said.

Omosh’s plight was highlighted in the media and got Kenyans trooping to his aid.

Cash, goodwill, material support and other offers streamed in as Kenyans came together to get him back on his feet amid claims of alvcoholism.

A house would then be constructed for his to alleviate his suffering with the thespian assuring the public that he would not sell the house.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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