ODM insiders spill the beans on why they lost to DP Ruto’s favourite candidate in Msambweni by-election

Details have emerged of yesterday’s stormy meeting with ODM leader Raila Odinga, Mombasa governor Hassan Joho and other Coastal leaders to deliberate on the recent Msambweni by-elections.

Reports indicate that the day-long meeting was heated with the local leaders pointing accusing fingers at each other for abandoning their party candidate Omar Boga.

Led by Raila, the leaders were able to identify a number of weak points that led to the loss of the seat that was formerly held by an ODM candidate the late Suleiman Dori.

Among the issues identified included poor coordination and lack of funds, with some ODM leaders accused of covertly supporting Feisal Bader, the ultimate winner of the polls.

Others also noted that ODM failed to secure their votes in the various polling stations, as they lacked agents in the polling stations.

The party also never laid a strategy of how to mobilize voters to go and vote for the party candidate Omar Boga, hence low voter turnout in the areas.

“We have identified very many issues but we cannot share with the press,” said Raila after the meeting.

Odinga downplayed the claims that ODM was losing ground in the Coastal region following the Msambweni loss to Feisal Bader.

“We have called the meeting to understand the dynamics (surrounding the by-election) and reorganize ourselves. ODM is still strong,” he said.

Following the meeting, the leaders pledged to organize party grassroots elections beginning next month to campaign against the Tanga Tanga faction.

The former premier added that ODM had won many by-elections and a loss in Msambweni should not mean the party was losing grip.

His sentiments were echoed by Mombasa Governor Ali Joho who said the DP’s team should never take the loss for fading popularity.

“We are here to do a postmortem on the Msambweni by-election and see where we went wrong and the lesson learned. Those using the outcome of the by-election as a measure of popularity are day-dreaming. We are going to start our campaigns from early next year and ensure they eat dust,” he said.

Meanwhile, DP Ruto and his team are expected in the Coast tomorrow to celebrate Bader’s win.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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