ODM and UDA leaders accuse Matiang’I and the government of dictatorship in Bonchari campaigns

With the solidity of the handshake having been put to the test by the recent shattering court ruling delivered by the High Court on Thursday last week, it now appears that the forthcoming by-elections in Bonchari are doing little to help the situation.


With just hours remaining before voters in Bonchari head to the polls to choose who is going to be their new member of parliament, a group of ODM leaders from Kisii have launched a scathing attack on the Interior CS Dr Fred Matiang’I and the government too, for what they considered actions that undermine democracy.


ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, who was among the group of Kisii leaders, said that if anyone out there was keen on doing politics, then what is required of them is to resign from their CS post and officially enter politics. He said that people who hide behind the police, or the crown, (the informal name for Kenya’s public administration system) or hide behind tear gas are not true politicians.


Kisii Senator Sam Ongeri, on the other hand, sent a heartfelt plea to those in positions of power not to intimidate or coerce others. His sentiments were echoed by Kisii County Women Representative Janet Ongera who called upon those that had been given senior jobs in the government to use the opportunity to help Kenyans needing help, instead of using it to mistreat others.


When Kisii governor James Ongwae spoke, it was reminiscent of his famous clashes with Matiang’I before the 2018 handshake.

He called upon president Uhuru, who he referred to as his friend and a good man, to try and reign in CS Matiang’I whose actions were staining the name of his government.


Ongwae and Matiang’I constantly fought before the handshake, with their differences erupting into a famous public spat during an incident before the 2017 general election, when Matiang’I demanded that Ongwae stops following him around.


Earlier on, Sylvanus Osoro alongside other leaders allied to the DP like Alice Wahome and Omingo Magara, decried heavy handedness by the government, citing problems they faced caused by the government as they campaigned for their candidate, Teresia Bitutu, a widow to the former late MP, John Oyioka.[0]=AT0xJUMbs2qQrERmVz1VfnosDJRa6YBkx2EUK1ajvIJCyP_QEpO_r15DUJIIqbW0ljltGOBlB5GU3TamfqT73CdEOXwK0S-nE2im3C3gLWsdWSrSYA4TO7R_qwXyEjRT67PuagagoBi2znt21MMbzaRE5fNwk0ZaHkEXJZRV-4-X6AjzNUur5xt-SbrYgOCP41uhR0eh

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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