ODM and UDA come together in rare show of unity to thwart Kingi’s coastal party

In an unexpected and surprising move that comes at a time when DP Ruto appears under attack from the government and Jubilee party leadership, the Orange Democratic Movement party, ODM, and the United Democratic Alliance, UDA, are speaking the same language as they seek to stamp out the emergence of regional parties that may serve to lock out perceived national parties from local politics. This is happening hot on the heels of a recruitment drive by the newly formed coastal party Pamoja African Alliance, PAA, associated with Kilifi governor Amason Kingi.

Tanga Tanga stalwart and ODM rebel Aisha Jumwa, while dismissing Kingi’s efforts, said that there are leaders who, upon realising their time is up and were headed for retirement, are now creating parties at the coast which seek to divide coastal residents by making distinctions between Mijikendas, and non-costal people, and Muslims and non-Muslims.

She wondered where Kingi had been all this time, only for him to now emerge with calls for a Coastal party, at the twilight of his term.

”Governor, you enjoyed a very sound and lengthy nap. Unfortunately for you, you are now tugging at the bedsheet when it’s too late”

In the same breath, she also campaigned for herself as the incoming Kilifi county governor, saying that her election was an already done deal, and she saw nobody else who could challenge her.

Worth noting is that ODM has consistently been against efforts to establish a coastal party, and Raila Odinga, earlier in the year, while on a trip to the coast, tried to dissuade Governor Kingi from forming such a party.

Since then, relations between the two worsened. The slow gradual breakdown of ties deepened and finally ended in Kingi being ousted as head of the Orange Democratic Movement party, Kilifi branch.

Kingi and his allies have continuously maintained that although their party is one which will be coastal themed, and have coastal interests as their top priority, it doesn’t mean that it’s a party exclusively for coastal ethnic people, but as a matter of fact, open to people of all tenets and persuasion.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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