Observant Kenyans notice stark similarities between Susan Kihika’s speech and Raila’s after election night.

Very smart Kenyans were quick to notice glaring similarities between Susan Kihika’s speech after their Karen meeting, and that which Raila Odinga made a couple of years ago.

Back on 8th August, 2017, Raila Odinga made an impassioned speech to the world, explaining that the Kenyan elections had been compromised, but no one was willing to lend him a listening ear.

This was before Maraga nullified the polls, and all international bodies were referring to Raila as a sour loser. International observer missions were accusing him of being stubborn while Western countries were pushing him to accept defeat and move on. Raila was a man isolated, and Western media was the most vicious of all the naysayers. Financial Times, the UK based publication, was particularly harsh. It wrote a piece whose tone was nothing but critical of the former premier.

Raila Odinga, the Kenyan opposition leader and loser of last week’s presidential election, has defied growing international pressure to accept the result or challenge it in the courts after violence that left about two dozen people dead.
Mr Odinga, who has now failed four times to become president, instead called for the UN to analyse the result of the ballot that he believes was rigged to give President Uhuru Kenyatta another term in office.

In his speech, Raila called upon international bodies, and in particular, UN, to conduct their own analysis of the Kenyan situation, and find a solution.

The other day, as Susan Kihika cried to the world about the excesses of the Kenyan Government, and the dangerous position in which some reckless actions which by the government threatened to put them, she then went on to plead with the international community to come to their aid. Calling out a number of countries including the USA and UK, she finished by also appealing to UN to jump in.

This brought forth memories of 2017, as Kenyans with powerful memories quickly recalled Raila’s speech, but instead, went on to mock Susan, reminding her that when Raila was pleading for the same, she was enjoying life.

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