“Nothing wrong with a birthday party”; Disbelief as County government defends nurses despite interdiction

Over the past couple of days, both the media and the internet have been buzzing with the disturbing story of the Laikipia nurses who left a young mother that had just given birth to die from excessive bleeding because they were partying at a colleague’s birthday bash.


However, now fresh fears are emerging following the speech that the Laikipia CEC for Health, Rose Maitai, gave as she announced the launch of investigations into the issue.


Although two nurses suspected to bear the greatest responsibility in the incident have been interdicted, there’s worry that the interdictions may just be a tactic to pull the wool over people’s eyes and wait for the tension to cool down before quietly reinstating them later on when the situation is calm.


Rose said that there was in fact nothing wrong at all with holding a party at the workplace, and that if only they had found a way to party and still offer services, then all would have been okay.

Speaking about the laxity that is said to have been displayed by the nurses, she referred to the laxity as just ”a bit”. Also admitting to rudeness by personnel at the county hospital, she said that there had indeed been “a bit” of rudeness.

Reports of two women dying while awaiting treatment at the hospital as hospital staff held a bash set social media light on Thursday. The two victims of medical negligence are Halima Hassan and Jane Njoki.


Laikipia residents then held demonstrations demanding answers to the death of the two women. Halima Hassan, 58, had gone to the hospital with her daughter to get attention for her High Blood Pressure.


Her daughter, Sofia, said that nurses had asked them to wait for five minutes but kept them waiting for over half an hour.
Meanwhile, Jane Njoki had gone into labour and died from excessive bleeding after delivery.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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